A story for those going through a spiritual awakening within the Coronavirus pandemic.

Girl seated in meditation under a blossoming tree in the darkness of night; this could feel what you are feeling now. And it’s okay bright soul. Everything is going to be okay.

There exists this elusive in-between stage. This in-between stage of who you once were and who you are becoming, which feels like you are floating in an endless abyss of nothingness.

It’s alarming to the physical body…

Psst. They aren’t pretty.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

First, let’s define setback. A setback can be defined as “an interruption in progress.” Other synonyms for the word setback include (but are not limited to): disappointment, frustration, letdown, comedown, decline, descent, down, downfall, fall, turnabout, turnaround, recession, regression, retrogression, reversion, relapse, breakdown, collapse, crash, meltdown, ruin, undoing.

I think…

Jessica Buck

Grounded yoga instructor on a mission to help inform, heal and empower. Talking all things embodiment, grounding, energy work, yoga therapy and confidence.

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